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  Fasteners Bolts Nuts Threaded Rods manufacturer
 ID#: 9419   Date posted: February 14, 2024;   Expire date: August 12, 2024;             633 visits             Flag as Spam
The Fasteners House  
World region:
4 Asia  
State of Punjab  
Specific Location:
A-9, Industrial Estate, Ludhiana - 141003. Punjab INDIA  
Brief Description:
The Fasteners House is manufacturers exporters and wholesale suppliers in india, punjab, Ludhiana. Our High Tensile Fasteners products range includes Hex Bolts, Hex Nuts, Plain Washers, Spring Washers, Anchor Fasteners, Anchor Foundation Bolts / L Bolts, U-Bolts / Bent Bolts, Eye Bolts, B7 Bolts, Galvanized Anchor L Bolt, L Shaped Foundation Anchor Bolts, Foundation Bolts, Carbon Steel Concrete Building Anchor, L Bolts, Concrete Foundation Anchors, Ms L Bolt, Construction Anchor Bolts, Drop In Anchor, Hex Sleeve Anchor, Zinc Plated, Pin Type Anchor Fasteners, 2 Pieces Hook type Anchor Fastener for Hanging & Swing, 3pcs Fix Bolt Expansion Anchor Bolt, 4pcs Fix Bolt Expansion Anchor Bolt, Ceiling Anchor, Floor expansion anchor bolt, Sleeve Anchor With Hex Flange Nut Expansion Anchor Bolt, Wedge Anchor Bolt, Hook Rawl Bolt Open Shield Anchor Rawl Bolt, Hammer Drive Anchor, Black Zinc Plated Black Oxide DIN938 Stud Bolts, Hot Dip Galvanized DIN975 DIN976 Threaded Rod, Carbon Steel Dacromet DIN975 DIN976 Threaded Rod, Yellow Zinc Plated Galvanized DIN975 DIN976 Threaded Rod, White Blue Zinc Plated Galvanized DIN975 DIN976 Threaded Rod, DIN127B Spring Lock Washer, Spring Lock Washers Black Finish, Spring Lock Washers, DIN 127 Spring Lock Washers, Zinc Plating Spring Washers, Spring Lock Washers Yellow Finish, Brass Spring Lock Washers, Carbon Steel Spring Lock Washers, Hotdip Galvanized Spring Washers, Scaffold Tube Fitting - British, Scaffold Tube Fitting - German, Cuplock Scaffold System, American Frame Scaffold, Ringlock Scaffold System, Adjustable Base Jack, Shoring Prop System, Scaffold Accessories, DIN125A Flat Washer, Yellow Finish Plain Washers, Black Finish Plain Washers, DIN9021 Large Flat Washer, DIN2093 Disc Spring, DIN 434 Square taper washer, DIN6798 Toothed Serrated Lock Washer, Star Lock Washer, Flat Washers, Wave Spring Washer, Belleville Spring Washers, Serrated Lock Conical Spring Washer, Curved Spring Washer, DIN 934 Hex Nuts, ISO 4032 Hex Nuts, DIN 980 Lock Nuts, DIN 980 Prevailing Torque Hex Nuts, DIN 985 Nylock Nuts, DIN 6923 Flange Nuts, DIN 6334 Coupling Nuts, DIN 928 Weld Nuts, DIN 936 Jam Nuts, DIN 936 Check Nuts / Locking Nuts, DIN 562 Square Nut, DIN315 Triangle Butterfly Wing Nut, Wood T Tee Four Claw Nut 4 Prong Tee Nuts, DIN1587 Hex Domed Cap Nuts, Din935 Hex Slotted And Castle Nuts, Cage Nuts, DIN577 Square Nut, DIN 931 Hex Bolts, DIN 931 Hex Bolts, DIN 912 Bolts, DIN 6921 Flange Bolts, DIN 933 Hexagon Bolts Screws, Halfen Bolt Serrated, DIN933 Zinc Plating Hex Bolts, Galvanized Zinc Hex Bolt DIN 933/DIN 931, Full Threaded Hex Bolt DIN 933, SS Hex bolts DIN 931 DIN 933, DIN 603 Carriage Bolts, DIN7984 Socket Head Cap Screw / Hex Allen Key Bolt, DIN 7991 Hexagon Socket Countersunk Head Cap Bolt, DIN 912 Hex Socket Head Cap Bolts, DIN 913/914/915/916 Hexagon Socket Set Bolt Carbon Steel, ISO 7380 Hexagon Socket Button Head Bolt, Top Link Assembly Stabilizer Assembly, Adjustable Leveling Assembly, Rapid Hooks, Draw Bars, Tractor Linkage Pins, Splined Shaft Coupling, PTO Adaptors, Tie Rods, Balls & Bushes, Tractor Accessories, Other Linkage Spare Parts, Rotavator Parts etc. https://www.thefastenershouse.com +917743004153, +917743004154  
Contact Name:
Rajan Dawar  
Contact Phone:
checkbox field:
Fasteners Bolts Nuts Threaded Rods  
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